Where good dogs become great retrievers.

Getting the most from your retriever often means choosing the right professional trainer with the experience to help develop your dog to its fullest potential. And, it’s a decision that can be the difference between getting a good dog and a great retriever.


Rick McConico has been training dogs for over 30 years and has been a serious hunter most of his life. He has been competing in hunt tests for nearly as long as he has been training. Many dogs have received Master Hunter titles and Junior and Senior Hunter titles under his tutelage.

You won’t find a better, cleaner or healthier facility in the Midwest. Our state-of-the-art kennels are climate controlled and have been called ‘home’ by many exceptional retrievers.

Training Videos

Obedience Training

Steady To Shot

Quartering Drill

Duck Hunting Basics

The T Drill

The Swim By

Training at all levels

  • Introduction to guns and birds.
  • Introduction to water as weather or season permits.
  • Optional private puppy starter lessons for the owner who wants to do more hands-on training
  • Come/here
  • Heel – on and off leash
  • Sit
  • Collar conditioning
  • Hold and deliver to hand
  • Force fetch is introduced (if needed)
  • Gun dogs are introduced to guns and upland hunting
  • Marking skills taught using singles
  • More intense bird work and gun training
  • All commands are reinforced in the field
  • More force fetch work to achieve simple handling on land and water
  • Single and double marked retrieves with steadiness to shot in the duck blind

This takes the dog from basic obedience through force fetch to multiple marks and complex handling situations on both land and water. A dog should have the ability to run Senior hunt tests and be on their way to Master Hunter.

Dog and owner receive weekly lessons covering basic obedience and, if desired, introduction to the electronic collar and birds.

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